About Myself

A fervent technophile with a strong educational background of pursuing Master of Computer Application (MCA) at Heritage Institute of Technology- Kolkata, focused on learning Full stack Web Developing, Infosec-Network Security, Cloud Computing along with a deep-diving enthusiasm into Machine Learning, especially ardent to work on Natural Language Processing & Artificial Intelligence in future.

An experienced Technical Content Writer, partially hobbyist blogger & have an extra layer of expertise with a demonstrated history of working in the field of Digital Marketing as a Team Leader for the Educational Industries. Also a creative individual in Graphics/Photoshop oriented works too.

I am a self-starter person with strong interpersonal skill, capable to work both as an Individual and as a Team member by seeking new challenges to think-out-of-the-box while looking for a creative solution to a given problem with a strong believe in characters, values, vision & action to go through any kind of working circumstances and learning from mistakes where having the feelings that this virtue will take career ahead in future.

Actively looking for jobs and opportunities with an open mind to explore and contribute my best level in the Technology Industry. My objective is to build projects based on real life problems by taking the hands of Modern Technology and to contribute it for human welfare. Want to grow myself continuously by exploring the invaluable knowledge of Technology. Trying to be better version of myself daily!

Domain of Insterests & Few accredited certifications based upon that!

Cloud Computing

Google Cloud Certified in Google Cloud Platform Business Professional Accreditation.

Google Cloud certified in Cloud Engineering, Cloud Architecting via Coursera.

Google Cloud verified Digital Skill-badge holder on Qwiklabs.

Amazon Web Service (AWS) certified in Machine Learning Terminology & fundamentals.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Digital Badge holder.

Network Security

International Cyber Security Institute (ICSI) global certified CNSS (Certified Network Security Specialist).

Fortinet global certified in Associate Network Security Expert level 1 & 2 (NSE1 & NSE2).

Palo Alto Network certified in Network Foundation via Coursera.

Google certified in Networking & Security via Coursera.

IBM certified in Network Security & Database vulnerability along with a IBM accredited Professional Digital Badge via Coursera & Acclaim respectively.

Machine Learning

Deeplearning.ai certified in Structuring Machine Learning Projects via Coursera.

Deeplearning.ai certified in Natural Language Processing via coursera

Deeplearning.ai certified in Deep Learning Specialization via Coursera.

Deeplearning.ai certified in Deep Learning with TensorFlow Developer Specialization via Coursera.

Applied Machine Learning by University of Michigan

ISO/IEC Standards Credits

ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Associate on the Information Security Management System (ISMS) Frame via SkillFront

ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) Associate via SkillFront

ISO/IEC 20000 IT Service Management Associate on Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Frame via SKillFront

Certified Associate in Scrum Fundamentals on AGILE Frame, according to ISO Rules via SKillFront

Six Sigma White Belt Professional via Council for Six Sigma Certification, USA on Information Technology & Security over ISO

Web Development

Industrial Training Certification in PHP, MySQL from Engineers' Study Centre, Kolkata.

Certification in WordPress Development by TemplateMonster.com

Sololearn Certification in Web Technology

Cyber Security

CISCO Networking Academy accredited in Cyber Security Essential

University of Colorado Professional Certifications in Computer Security, Homeland Security & Secure Software Design Vectors

IBM Certification in Cyber Security via Coursera

Cyber Security Foundation Certification via CertiProf

Charles Sturt University accredited Information System Security & Cyber Security certifications via IT Masters

Certified Mobilyze Operator (CMO) via Blackbag Technologies

My skills



My Education

Work Experience

The Sparks Foundation (online)

Full Stack Web Developing using HTML, CSS, Php, MySQL, Apache Server.

Year:28th Feb-3rd April, 2021

Team 4 Progress Technologies (online)

Frontent Developer: UX/UI Designing for Web Interface

Year:15th Dec, 2020-5th March, 2021

Suven Consultants & Technology Pvt. Ltd.(online)

Natural Language Processing Project on Sentiment Analysis using NLTK Libraries.

Machine Learning Chatbots (Business Intelligence bots for Customer-Care Websites).

Full Stack Web Developing using HTML, CSS, Php, MySQL, Apache Server.

UX/UI Desigining for Customer-Service-providing Multifeatured Web Interface.

Core Java basic structural Web-Application Developing for Financial Assistancy.

Year:5th Oct-7th Nov, 2020

TemplateMonster (Online)

Trained & Certified WordPress Developer.

TemplateMonster verified WordPress Developer Partner.

Worked as WordPress Developer for WordPress Website optimization, UI designing, Framework testing using Widgets, SEO Plugins & Tools.

Year: Dec,2019-Jan,2020

JunTrax Solutions(online)

Web Developing: Website Modification by implementing Survey Forms

Backend handling partially

Content Optimization for SEO including Image & Video Size optimizing, inbound link building

Year:June, 2020- Aug,2020

ANTAR IoT (online)

WordPress Site Developing

Year:July, 2020-Aug, 2020

Internshala (online)

Started my journey as Internshala Student Partner(March 2020)

Promoted as Internshala Training Captain(April 2020)

Worked as Internshala Internship/Training Webinar Host for college & university students (April 2020- Juine 2020)

Promoted as Internshala Student Leader/Instructor (June 2020-September 2020)

Promoted as Internshala Community Development Manager (September 2020- November 2020)

PrepBytes (online)

Campus Business Manager.

Year:Dec, 2019- Jan,2020

GeeksforGeeks (online)

Campus Mantri (College-representative), GfG event coordinator


Expertrons (Online)

Student Mentor

Worked as Student Mentor to guide them to choose their suitable career path through Expertrons exclusive trainings.

Year: Dec,2019


Tryst, IIT Delhi

Represented Heritage Institute of Technology as a Campus Ambassador in the North India's Largest Tech Fest at IIT Delhi.

I have ranked 5th position across India as a top performing campus ambassador for representing my institute.

Year: Jan 2020-Feb 2020

Aarohan, NIT Durgapur

Represented Heritage Institute of Technology as a Campus Ambassador in the Eastern India's Largest Tech Fest at NIT Durgapur.

Year: Jan, 2020

Internshala Seminar

I have hosted a seminar for college & university students on behalf of Internshala.

The topic was about "How to gain pocket money during COVID-19 pandemic situation through virtual Internships from Internshala.

I have hosted this online seminar with the participation of 30 students.

Year: May 2020


Be Our Guest

An online Restaurant Table Reservation & Event Booking Management System.

A user-friendly application to book table at your suitable/fav/nearest Restaurant & to organize Events via Event Coordinators- Both can be done on the same platform.

Customer/Event Organizers/Restaurant Owners can create their own profile to interact with each other.

(Group Project)

Year: 2019

Online Billing System Web Application

A user-friendly Web application made of Java which is specially designed & developed for shop-owners/vendors to store & manage every customer's shopping details & calculate bills at live in an organized & faster way to generate receipts in real time.

(Group Project)

Year: 2018


A browser-based OS like environment to control your computing activities on your favourite browser.

Get access to your all Social Media handles, Shopping sites, Educational Forums, News sites or add more of your favourite web portals on your Live Dashboard for quick access.

Watch Movies, Play Music & Games, See pictures, open files & folders from your local drives directly on the browser at the same time.

store your urgent contacts, important reminders.

This is a password protected system.

(Single Project)

Year: 2019-2020

Hackbuzz Quiz

A brain storming quiz-bot made of Google Assistant API chatbot on AoG console.

A Computer Science fundamental & knowledge gaining quiz portal.

No app, No website needed, just have to play on your Google Assistant console.

Year: 2019

(Single Project)


Edurary is a Children Education Right Donation Fund raising website

(Single Project)

Year: 2021


My Project Training Certificates (Offline)

Core Java Training, ATA Infotech Pvt Ltd. (Saltlake, Kolkata) Year:2018

PHP & MySQL Training, Engineer's Study Centre (Saltlake, Kolkata) Year:2019


Other Activities & Roles:

Fountainhead blogger: TheTechLearner

A WordPress-built blog for all novice to guide them about "How to start & grow your own blog".

Presented some Technical stuffs regarding SEO, Digital Marketing, Web-Analytics, Web-Content Developing in a simple way.

Also, there are WordPress-Tutorial blog, Tech-News Portals, Public suggestion portal, Educational Forum

Year: 2018-Present

Fountainhead blogger: HackiTalki-WikiWeb

A WordPress-built blog on Cyber Security & Internet-privacy Awareness for common public

Year: 2019-Present

An enthusiast Member

Developer Students' Club, Heritage Institute of Technology- Kolkata

Facebook Developer Circle, Kolkata

Dev Community via GitHub (Open Source Contributor)

Action on Google Assistant Application Developers' Community

Google Localguidesconnect community, Kolkata

IndiBlogger & A1B blogging community

All India Council for Technical Skill Development

Central Vigilance Commission, Govt. of India

All India Institute of Public & Phycial Health Sciences, Govt. of India

Year: 2019-present



Received Letter of Recomendation, Placement Kits, Stipends & Goodies for being one of the Top Performing Internshala Student Leader across India.

Received Letter of Recommendation along with General, Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum credited certificates, stipends, IT training kits for being one of the Top Internshala Training Captain across India.

Received Certificate of Appreciation & Certficate of Excellence for being successful Internshala Webinar Host.

Received Letter of Appreciation, special credit, stipends for being one of the Top Internshala Community Development Manager.

Year: 2020

Letter of Appreciations

Received Letter of Appreciations from Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, PwC India, Quantium etc for successfully completing the Virtual Engineering Experience Program via Forage (Formerly InsideSherpa)

Year: 2020-2021

Letter of Acknowledgement

Received Letter of Acknowledgement from Aveta Business Institute, USA for showing proficiency in the Global Certification Program of Six Sigma White Belt Professional, accredited by Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC) Authority, USA

Year: 2020

Certificate of Dedication & Honour

Received Certificate of Dedication & Honour from All India Institute of Public & Physical Health Sciences, Govt. of India for leading COVID-19 Safety Awareness Camp virtually.

Year: 2021

Letter of Merit

Received Letter of Merit from CISCO Networking Academy for successfully clearing with 89% grades in Cyber Security Essential Training.

Year: 2021


Received Hacktoberfest Goodies & Appreciation for successfully contributing in Open Source

Year: 2020

Google Cloud

Received Google Cloud Goodies, $600 Qwiklabs credits, appreciation certificate & Google Cloud Digital Skill badges for successfully completing the "30 days of Google Cloud Computing Challenge 2020"

Received Google Cloud Goodies, $50 Qwiklabs credits for successfully earning the Google Cloud Architecture, Google Cloud Engineering & Google Cloud Architecting with Compute Engine Professional certifications on Coursera- 2020


Received GeeksforGeeks Goodies, Amazon Voucher, GfG course voucher for successfully publishing my research-journal (case study) & ranking it 44th across India in the GFG Technical Scripter Event 2019.

Year: 2019


Received RedWoodJS Goodies & credits for successfully contributing in Open Source Projects

Year: 2020

Google Assistant Incentive

Received $25 as Google Assistant Developer Incentive and Action on Google Developer Community Invitation for successfully deploying 3 quiz-bot projects on Google Assistant globally.

Year: 2019

Google Local Guide Reward

Received Google Local Guide Perks, Thanks-giving Card, Travelling offer for contributing on Google Map.

Earned Google Local Guide Master Reviewer, Expert Photographer, Location Director digital badges, credits for being Top 1% contributor in Kolkata via Google Earth.

Year: 2019

Swami Vivekananda Talent Prize Mementos

Received Swami Vivekananda Talent Prize-Mementos, Educational kits, scholarship for two times on the credit of 12th & 10th Standard Board Exam results with having above 60-70% marks.

It was organised by West Bengal Transport Corporation (WBTC, formerly CSTC) Cooperative authority, West Bengal State Government of India

Year: 2014 & 2016 repsectively.

Nominations by WordPress Blogging Community.

Nominated for 'The Mysterious Blogger Award 2018'.

Nominated for 'The Sunshine Blogger Award 2019'.

Nominated for 'The Bloggerbash Award 2020'.


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